Listed Property Recharge liquidity Announces dividend Plans to sell new shares to raise funds and bonds. In order to expand and accommodate future projects. Perfect for executives explained the move to reduce funding costs. Aims to reduce the cost of administration for the remaining 20% to 30% will raise the company’s rating. The economy has Signs of recovery listed companies Among the incentives. Accelerated funding to boost liquidity in the business this year. By choosing to use the channel as a source of venture capital markets and corporate bonds.

Singha Estate Limited () S reported that its Board of Directors approved the capital increase of the company 1624.71 million baht from the existing registered capital of 7348.29 million to Baht 8,973 million baht by issuing new shares 1624.71 million shares valued at. par 1 baht to be offered to existing shareholders in proportion to their shareholding 1224.71 million shares, 14 shares per 13 shares, par value of five baht a new offering by private placement. Attorney general, no more than 300 million shares and the exercise of warrants to purchase common shares of 100 million shares.

The purpose of the capital increase And the use of proceeds from the capital increase proceeds received from the capital increase will be used as follows. To repay loans to financial institutions 3,000 million baht by the year 2559 to finance additional investment in expanding the Board of Directors decided to omit dividend payment for the year 2558.

Major Development Public Company Limited (Thailand) MJD Resolution of the Board of Directors approve the payment of dividends. To reserve cash for working capital and for future investments to approve the issuance and offering of debentures. In the amount not exceeding Baht 7,000 million.

J. S., P. Commuter Pettit Limited (PLC) or JSP. Resolution of the Board of Directors resolved to issue and sell bonds in the amount not exceeding Baht 1,500 million for the business.

Mr Narong Touch Switch Singh, Senior Vice President Corporate Support Group. International Relations Company Property Property Perfect Public Company Limited (Thailand) PF said this year the company plans to accelerate the reduction of costs and funding costs down. In terms of sales and administrative expenses (SG & A) is intended to be reduced to a level of 20%, although still higher than the industry at 17%, but it is level. Decreased somewhat compared with the year-end 2558, which is 30% of the cost reduction would come from controlling costs to sell. The use of advertising channels that are more effective.

And partly it was the result of revenue growth is expected to touch 20,000 million baht from 12,000 million baht to be done on the previous year, if the company can meet the targets laid down. Believes that the net profit of the company increased by 10%, according to the goals of last year stood at 2.8%.

For the goal of reducing the interest burden. Companies must hasten to add ratings to the company. Which is currently at BB + is lower than the industry average. The Company will need to generate growth in earnings to meet the target. Currently, the interest rate the company at more than 5%, the company wanted to reduce the interest rate to about 4% by private expect to see the current ratings in 2560 because TRIS Rating will consider results of operations. phase 1 of the Company. Plans to issue new bonds to replace. Old set to mature this year, approximately 5,000 million baht, but it is gradually released. The average age of the bonds would be around three years, “One of our goals this year is to accelerate the company’s growth. And reduce the cost of operation is still quite high. Particularly in the areas of sales and administrative expenses decreased to 20% of the target, although this year may miss targets. I believe that the move toward this goal will help to improve the overall cost. ”

Sales goal of this year’s new target of 16,000 million baht from the previous year to 11,000 million baht from the launch of 17 new projects worth 24,041 million baht in the future, the company also has land located approximately 1500 acres. to support the launch of new projects by its approximately 50,000 million baht mostly in suburban areas. And a location close to the new horizontal line.

Other non-core businesses Recently, the company announced a joint venture with SC’s downgrades Limited (Public) SCI to invest in companies and projects related to infrastructure, such as electricity and water supply. The company jointly established Utilities Limited which holds 40% and a 40% SC and the other 20% to the group’s co-founder and CEO.

Why invest it Due to increased revenues that consistently. Because real estate is a volatile economy. The investment plan of the utility’s expected to be clear about a month. APR.. That there will be some investment projects. The shareholders of the Company would like to clarify such investment.

The Retail Company Limited () WR which is a subsidiary. Now under Negotiations with partners to participate in the construction of Bangkok Midtown project, which forms also can not answer that would be to buy shares in a specific company directly. It is characterized by JV

It is expected that there will be clarity about such an alliance by April. Retail operators in Thailand. Will come back when it was trading. Expected early next year because of the need to make a profit from the apparent before.

Source: Bangkok Post