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January 2017

Property recharge the liquid dividend – funding debentures.

12 January 2017|Corporate News|

Listed Property Recharge liquidity Announces dividend Plans to sell new shares to raise funds and bonds. In order to expand and accommodate future projects. Perfect for executives explained the move to reduce funding costs. Aims to reduce the cost of administration for the remaining 20% to 30% will raise the company's rating. The economy has Signs of recovery listed companies Among the incentives. Accelerated funding to boost liquidity in the business this year. By choosing to use the channel as a source of venture capital markets and corporate bonds. Singha Estate Limited () S reported that its Board of Directors approved the capital increase of the company 1624.71 million baht from the existing registered capital of 7348.29 million to Baht 8,973 million baht by issuing new shares 1624.71 million shares valued at. par 1 baht to be offered to existing shareholders in proportion to their shareholding 1224.71 million shares, 14 shares per 13 shares, par value of five baht a new offering by private placement. Attorney general, no more than 300 million shares and the exercise of warrants to purchase common shares of 100 million shares. The purpose of the capital increase And the use of proceeds from the capital [...]

SCI to invest in companies Utilities Limited (TU).

12 January 2017|Corporate News|

Investment in companies Utilities Limited (TU) through the purchase of newly issued shares of TU in the ratio of 40% of the total share capital of TU after the capital increase, representing 200 million baht. TU current business investment. After the capital increase, TU plans to invest in infrastructure projects in the country and in neighboring regions. Acquisition of shares in TU is the Company's shareholders 40% while PCL. Property Property Property Perfect (PF) holds 40%, and others. holds 20%

Interior accelerate the development of service infrastructure – electric supply as a gift to the public in 2559 under the theme “Building a new life. Thailand people happy. “

12 January 2017|Industry News|

Today (20 Jan 59), Gen. Anupong Paochinda, the Minister of Interior, said that the government has a policy to reduce inequality and social opportunities, access to government services. The Ministry of Interior has implemented projects "Reducing inequality Share the joy "to all citizens get better services from government equally thorough and fair by providing electricity and water infrastructure, which is essential to the livelihood of the people. And services that are the responsibility of the State Enterprise under the Ministry of the Interior and Local Government. The Ministry of Interior has implemented policies in order to enhance and expand its service area to cover electricity, water utilities nationwide. Especially people in remote rural areas. Agricultural areas or wilderness The overall program / project development infrastructure that will be implemented in fiscal year 2559 as follows. 1. The expansion of electric service to homes in new representatives nationwide. Based on current data, the number of consumers in the region of about 18 million, accounting for 99.98 percent of the total households in the country. The EPA has set a goal to expand the service area to provide electricity to the people who have no electricity. By switching to energy saving light [...]

Myanmar opened near Myawaddy Estate Industry. Utilities already completed more than 90%

12 January 2017|Industry News|

Myanmar aiming to open Myawaddy industrial estate. Which is currently under construction in Karen State. Myanmar in the fiscal year 2559-2560 by a number of interested investors. Most of the apparel industry and consumer products. Ensuring electricity 24 hours a day due to purchase electricity from Thailand to use. Local media in Myanmar, Mr. Woo Seo Ji Lin stated that the Minister of Industry, Karen State. Disclose the progress of the project. The local government does not set out the framework of the project. However, there is a possibility that much. The construction will be completed and ready for settlement in fiscal year 2559-2560, the settlement is located on 201 acres or 500 hectares between Myawaddy and Makati City stun Japan's project, which is far from the border with Thailand - Myanmar just 11 kilometers. Bangkok - Yangon Bangkok - Yangon Initially, the local government gave a concession company in the Gospel UN as tenants. To establish a settlement in 2556 aimed to support local industry. But later, a classification scheme and estates Myawaddy is classified as a special economic zone under the supervision of the Investment Committee of Myanmar or MIC (Myanmar Investment Commission) due to the project area, [...]

SAS launches data analysis technology (Data Analytics) in the industry, energy and utility services (Analytics in Energy & Utilities).

12 January 2017|Industry News|

Investment Trends "Smart grid Or smart grids (Smart grid) "reflects the key technology. Several projects are in progress in providing infrastructure. Currently, it is evident that investment is not just the installation of measuring electricity consumption at home. Or business organizations only It also includes the installation of new electrical equipment. Along the transmission line route Network Transmission To enhance the Intelligent power network Or smart grids Bangkok - Pattaya Mr. Saunders makes a mental West District Director of Strategic Planning for Energy and SAS Institute Inc., said the new technology, intelligent power network. Or smart grid (Smart Grid) is an example of the new capabilities. The drive can occur, such as a tariff varies depending on the time of use. (Time-of-use) management system outages complicated. And the detection of the illegal use of electricity so that the new capabilities. These needs. And the rate of energy consumption is growing steadily. Without the need to build new power plants that cause air pollution. Meanwhile, the services infrastructure. There is hope that The new investment will help extend the lifetime of the network transmission system that is already obsolete. However, these benefits will not occur if there is no data analysis [...]