Today (20 Jan 59), Gen. Anupong Paochinda, the Minister of Interior, said that the government has a policy to reduce inequality and social opportunities, access to government services. The Ministry of Interior has implemented projects “Reducing inequality Share the joy “to all citizens get better services from government equally thorough and fair by providing electricity and water infrastructure, which is essential to the livelihood of the people. And services that are the responsibility of the State Enterprise under the Ministry of the Interior and Local Government.

The Ministry of Interior has implemented policies in order to enhance and expand its service area to cover electricity, water utilities nationwide. Especially people in remote rural areas. Agricultural areas or wilderness The overall program / project development infrastructure that will be implemented in fiscal year 2559 as follows.

1. The expansion of electric service to homes in new representatives nationwide. Based on current data, the number of consumers in the region of about 18 million, accounting for 99.98 percent of the total households in the country. The EPA has set a goal to expand the service area to provide electricity to the people who have no electricity. By switching to energy saving light bulbs LED type embark on attractions such as the Temple of 9 Sothon Worawiharn. Phra Pathom Chedi Pattani Central Mosque and etc.

In Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan are power users, about 3.5 million people, which is an electric household thoroughly covers all areas. The MEA has continued to improve the power distribution system to support the growing demand for electricity and the AEC. The implementation of the plan to improve and expand the power distribution system. And plans to change the air as power lines underground power lines that have operated since 2558 until 2564 in a total distance of 53.3 kilometers, including six projects Sukhumvit. Pathumwan Bangkok Chitralada projects and project Ratchadapisek Rd Rama 3 project – Asoke. And the Ratchadaphisek – Rama Project electric lamps and LED lamps in public to the main road is an attractive late 12th and communities. To enhance the safety of life and property of citizens. and tourists

2. As part of the expanded service area, water supply, it has plans to expand the service area of more than 2.3, and a household to be prepared for drought this year from the current data for the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority. it provides water supply to water users about 2.2 million households, or about 12 million people a service area accounted for 99 percent of all responsibility. However, in the outskirts of Bangkok. Some areas still have no running water. Or part of a community that is far plumbing lines. Or community service can not go to the people who suffered. It is entrusted to the Authority conducted intensive extension services, water thoroughly. The budget for Plumbing to expand service areas already number 200 million baht is expected to be available to the public water supply to households increased by 2662, or about 11,447 people.

For the provincial The service area of the Provincial Waterworks Authority and local authorities. (Water Village), the Provincial Waterworks Authority has provided water supply to the water for about 3.9 million households. This year has accelerated investment program to provide water to the people in the region. (Water Village) operated by municipalities and tambon administrative organization has been accelerated to provide a sufficient water supply. The quality of the water supply continues to provide quality standards in accordance with the Terms.

And to ensure that in the summer time, the public will be used for domestic water supply is adequate. Dug pond water piping system and water pipeline construction.

Minister of the Interior Said The Interior Ministry is strongly committed to improving the quality of life of people with equality in both urban and rural areas. In particular, the provision of infrastructure. It is necessary to maintain the same standard of care in all areas of the country to reduce the disparity of society. Responding to the government’s policy to spread prosperity to the region.