Investment Trends “Smart grid Or smart grids (Smart grid) “reflects the key technology. Several projects are in progress in providing infrastructure. Currently, it is evident that investment is not just the installation of measuring electricity consumption at home. Or business organizations only It also includes the installation of new electrical equipment. Along the transmission line route Network Transmission To enhance the Intelligent power network Or smart grids

Bangkok – Pattaya Mr. Saunders makes a mental West District Director of Strategic Planning for Energy and SAS Institute Inc., said the new technology, intelligent power network. Or smart grid (Smart Grid) is an example of the new capabilities. The drive can occur, such as a tariff varies depending on the time of use. (Time-of-use) management system outages complicated. And the detection of the illegal use of electricity so that the new capabilities. These needs. And the rate of energy consumption is growing steadily. Without the need to build new power plants that cause air pollution. Meanwhile, the services infrastructure. There is hope that The new investment will help extend the lifetime of the network transmission system that is already obsolete. However, these benefits will not occur if there is no data analysis technology.

If the sleeping giant of the industry in the middle of the 20th century, the landscape remains virtually the same. The era has changed Electrical Utility changes. Due to regulatory guidelines to control globalization and sustainability in. Here are some facts that show the amount of the change occurring.

It forecasts that across Europe Smart electricity meters will be installed 240 million by the year 2563.
By the year 2578 the power of China and India. Coal is used to produce increased three-fold by the year 2533.
Recently, retailers Utility. One in a competitive market. Found that the rate of customers canceling service to 17% during the six months, while in the region. High cancellation rate to 26%.
30% of workers in the European Utility. In the age of above 50 years.
These examples reflect that in Utility. Are under pressure to deliver from an environment where information technology to help deploy high-performance. With new devices With the ability to connect, meet expectations on the rise in developing countries, and expectations for customer retention to market with the abolition of regulatory statutes completely, however unfortunate. the business is changing fast Or almost the same level of knowledge are falling steadily.

Mr. Saunders added that Keio mental. Utility forefront of today need to look for something. Among the worst situations Many organizations are using the advantage of the convergence of market forces. To simplify management of large-scale energy information. And the ability to analyze corporate data timely. Because without technology to help analyze the data. Forefront organization can not hope for the success of the benefits expected to be derived from intelligent electricity network at all.

Which recently This research was reliable from the Worcester (Ovum) emphasized that the smart meter. And intelligent power network Could lead to insights into the function (actionable insight) or creating a competitive differentiation out. If the new meter will allow utilities to optimize a genius. It must be done through software and service analytics, business intelligence (BI) with innovative solutions to help utilities are wise.

While almost realtime data on smart grid and rising steadily. The analysis was applied to determine the best scenario. To deliver reliable power to the end consumer. For example Utility provider Campaign to get customers to join a cooperation program to reduce the use of electricity (Demand Response Programs) that analyzes each month to pay compensation to the participants with the customized device power consumption. At the time, the system has a high demand for electricity.

Including customers who sign up for the program individually. It has lowered the demand for electricity at different rates. The utility provider to determine which customer has to set a timetable for reducing the demand for energy during it. And at any moment And how long In determining the utility services You have a lot of information And models to simulate past proved. support This decision And can produce results quickly and reliably is indeed a good choice.

Taveesak golden Managing Director, SAS Software (Thailand) Ltd., said in a sophisticated network management. Or a similar network. And Utility There needs to be analyzed in depth. To help reduce costs And improve the quality of services provided. Power delivery By focusing on areas where there is a significant return on investment.

Good planning Because whether it is the best investment decisions to generate profits. The estimated demand for electricity in the long term. The integration between tools, small power production. And energy can be reused again. Including the ability of service providers in the Utility. To deliver a profit in Be more efficient When planning to drive more energy is required.

Access to Customer Data Insights We see that every year the organization has the power to write off a bad debt receivable millions. Because these customers do not pay for electricity. Utilities face pressure to make acquisitions to grow. Shareholder And regulators To reduce these losses to a minimum. Meanwhile, It remains to be available to consumers who are likely not going to pay for the service. Therefore, the analysis of the access to public services, customers will be able to help determine the need to care for the rules are reasonable. Together with the creation of a risk assessment for all customers on the basis of the rankings reliability. Including the power consumption of each customer. And payment history In a competitive market situation. Service Infrastructure Data analysis can better develop customer relationships. By matching the right offer. And providing customers with the analysis that the “yes” by means of proper communication. The process offers customers maximum benefit. While the Service Utility Are turning to advanced analytics (Advanced Analytics) to group customers both “like” and “dislike” then evaluate the propensity of customers. To switch to a different proposal.

Risk utilities to manage risk related to trading activities. The credit crunch is happening around the world. Utility shows that many see as a form of risk they are too narrow. Whether it can control their movements in market analysis, to measure receivables, private businesses and the development of mitigation measures. The advanced analytics technologies will provide utilities with the ability to integrate data from both external and internal. And transformed into useful information quickly. To indicate the risk accurately.

Work practices Technology data analysis power of SAS. Can be analyzed down to taking care of various electrical devices. Whether a transformer Or others involved in the maintenance department. It has managed to use the device longer. The life time of the equipment And can predict the equipment in advance. The device worked for Due to these power supply devices A significant cost in the power grid. The organization has spent an enormous investment, these devices each year.

Utility in the Asia-Pacific market. and North America With a focus on investment in new equipment called. “Synchrophasors” or detection. To compare the effects of different circuit voltage in the power system (PMU) PMU by this unit can measure voltage and high voltage electricity transmission information at high speeds. In general, the frequency of the record 30 times per second. Compared to conventional technology, has recorded only one time per four seconds of each measurement. There will be time stamped to create a holistic analysis. The electricity network transmission system.

With the software application functionality and data analytics in SAS devices “Synchrophasors” gives an indication of the disorder. Voltage stress on the electric grid do better. It can also be used to determine the risk level alarms. The action was needed to maintain the credibility of the business.

“Often, utility services The ability to predict the use of existing resources, enormous new information. To make the most of the daily business activities of these services. “Too low”, the result is valuable information. She remains trapped in silos of information that no one applied. Utilities and Services The operating result was also lower than the expected continued. Especially in the more important aspects such as the quality of the measurement data, Asset Management. And Customer Service Leadership Management To support a transitional basis. The business unit is separated into a single organization. This emphasis on sharing information. And data quality The benefits to be gained from this approach. Should inspire a new generation of energy entrepreneurs as well as people who are approaching retirement age. Currently, the business infrastructure Also subject to change in a big way. Analytical Insights It is essential to be able to stick to your situation changes. Including the delivery of business value from investment in smart electricity grid “Taveesak concluded.

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