Myanmar aiming to open Myawaddy industrial estate. Which is currently under construction in Karen State. Myanmar in the fiscal year 2559-2560 by a number of interested investors. Most of the apparel industry and consumer products. Ensuring electricity 24 hours a day due to purchase electricity from Thailand to use.

Local media in Myanmar, Mr. Woo Seo Ji Lin stated that the Minister of Industry, Karen State. Disclose the progress of the project. The local government does not set out the framework of the project. However, there is a possibility that much. The construction will be completed and ready for settlement in fiscal year 2559-2560, the settlement is located on 201 acres or 500 hectares between Myawaddy and Makati City stun Japan’s project, which is far from the border with Thailand – Myanmar just 11 kilometers.

Bangkok – Yangon
Bangkok – Yangon
Initially, the local government gave a concession company in the Gospel UN as tenants. To establish a settlement in 2556 aimed to support local industry. But later, a classification scheme and estates Myawaddy is classified as a special economic zone under the supervision of the Investment Committee of Myanmar or MIC (Myanmar Investment Commission) due to the project area, near the border with Thailand.

Under the Foreign Investment Law of 2555 requires that a ban on foreign investment within a 10-mile (about a kilometer) from the border with neighboring Myanmar. Unless The investment will be in the industrial park was approved by the MIC since then. Myawaddy industrial estate has been interest from foreign companies to invest a lot. In particular, companies from Thailand By then partnered with a local company in Myawaddy.

Mr Tin Oo, director of the project company in Japan to the UN, said that now the construction of infrastructure projects completed over 90% of land surveying 450 plots are made and then the Wildcats. The interested investors now have a total of at least 15 documents establish factories at hand. Most of the investors in the apparel industry and consumer products. There was also an investor in the footwear industry. Parts and Car Parts The galvanized steel sheet.

Myawaddy Industrial Estate is one of the three estates that are happening in Karen State, the other two estates, including Phaya Sue Stone. Industrial and Pa’s Myawaddy, a border town in Thailand’s Mae Sot district, Tak province, and is dotted with bustling border trade is the second largest of Myanmar. Vice City Museo Shan State border in China.

Myanmar media mentions The delay of the project; Partly due to the shortage of electricity and the unrest in the area of Karen State confirmed that the Minister of Industry. Myawaddy industrial infrastructure is no problem because it uses electricity from the United States 24 hours, “the more stable electricity from Thailand in Myanmar. Therefore ensure that The settlement will have electricity 24 hours a day, “Mr. Woo Seo Ji Lin said.

Mr. Tin Oo Screen Project Director of the UN to provide additional information that the Gospel. The company has applied for approval from the MIC to purchase electricity from Thailand into the project. Meanwhile, the company has negotiated and Enola that the power supply from Thailand, the electricity supply to the project.

The economic base of the Year 3133 at the 36th edition of the 21 to 24 February 2559.